At Eatzen we combine a fresh and sophisticated approach to chinese cuisine with the richness of the classic imperial kitchen. Eating together and enjoying the moment is as important to us as the quality and authenticity of our ingredients.

1. Food Suppliers:
We take great pride in using the freshest and highest quality ingredients in Ireland. We travelled the country to find people who shared the same passion for good food as we do.

We speak with our suppliers regularly to source seasonal ingredients for our daily special’s menu.
Click on the links below to find out more information about our chosen suppliers.

Ariosa Coffee, Meath
Asia Market, Dublin
Asian Harvest Foods, Dublin
Pallas Foods, Limerick
Barbarrie Duck, Co. Monaghan
Dawn Meats, Co Waterford
Keenan Kennedy, Dublin
Keelings, Co. Dublin
2. Wine Suppliers:
Only the finest wines should accompany the finest foods. It is the high standards of each of our chosen wine merchants that allow us to bring you a unique and tailored selection. We source wines from vineyards around the world, to bring our customers a wine list like no other.

From Italian organic growers to Chilean sustainable, dry-farming we take pleasure in offering fine wines and fresh vintages throughout the year.
Berry Bros., London
Little Italy Ltd, Dublin 7
Premier Wholesalers Market Place, Enfield, Co. Meath
James Nicholson, Crossgar, Co. Down
Liberty Wines, Ballycoolin, Dublin
Robert and Robert (Findlater), Dublin
Tindal Wine Merchants, Ballycoolin, Dublin
Tyrrell & Company, Naas, Co. Kildare
Nomad Wine – Started in 2009 by Charles Derain, a former head sommelier at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud
, and Thierry Grillet, who was head sommelier at the three-star Girardet restaurant in Switzerland, to form Nomad Wine Importers.